About Us

This website provides information about Beauty News and other things. It is a blog that offers beauty tips, fashion tips, and other things for both men and women coming straight from the runway to your living room. You will be served information from how to wear the latest trends to what you should wear to your daily events.

The goal of STB is to provide a range of lifestyle content for our users. We want to make sure that we are providing a diverse range of lifestyle topics and perspectives.

Our Content

We have a team of freelance digital journalists who generate articles for our site. These articles are not only about lifestyle but also about the latest trends in the fashion world. We also curate articles from other media houses that we think will be relevant for our readers.

Our freelance digital journalists is responsible for generating content on STB. Articles are also curated from various fashion media houses and other sources.

STB publishes content that is relevant to the readers and their interests. The articles are published in a variety of formats, such as news, opinion, lifestyle and sports.