AVON Legendary Lengths £ 7 Mascara Review

AVON Legendary Lengths £ 7 Mascara Review

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AVON Legendary Lengths Mascara
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AVON have launched a mascara that’s available for £ 7 and I have been testing it out. Here’s the lowdown on the AVON Legendary Lengths Mascara with before and after photos.

What is AVON Legendary Lengths?

AVON Legendary Lengths Mascara
AVON Legendary Lengths Mascara

New AVON Lengendary lengths mascara promises:

  • Up to 50% longer lashes
  • Up to 3X volume
  • Smudge, flake and clump-free formula
  • Long lasting finish
  • Tapered brush designed to separate and define hard-to-reach lashes
  • Next-generation polymers will glide on to create a film that builds extra length at the tip
  • RRP £ 9 currently £ 7 at AVON *

Before and After Photos

This is always the best part of mascara reviews – the before and after photos! The after photo has three coats just so you can see that volume can be built up. See more photos of one and two coats in the review section of this post.

Avon Legendary Lengths - Before
avon legendary lengths mascara review after
Three Coats

My Review of AVON Legendary Lengths

AVON Legendary Lengths Mascara
AVON Legendary Lengths Mascara

I have to say, I think this is a really nice mascara. The packaging and name seem to be inspired by the Charlotte Tilbury brand. The packaging definitely has a Pillow Talk mascara color scheme while the name is very similar to a different mascara from the CT brand, Legendary Lashes.

I should add though, the packaging looks and feels a lot less luxurious than both those products from Charlotte Tilbury.

Packaging aside though, the mascara itself is not inferior at all. It performs really well.

The slim wand makes the mascara really easy to apply. I always make a mess of application, but hardly any product got on to my lids which shows that the brush is pretty precise.

As I was applying AVON Legendary Lengths Mascara I could feel a nice grab from the brush and formula combination on the lashes. It really felt like it was getting all the lashes and giving them a nice lift.

One Coat

avon legendary lengths mascara review 1 coat
One Coat

The first coat gives a nice defined look to the lashes with visible lengthening and then the second coat really adds a lot more drama.

Two Coats

avon legendary lengths mascara review 2 coats
Two Coats

It delivers really good length, and on my lashes, this is definitely more of a lengthening mascara than a volumising one. The length comes very quickly in the first coat, and then you get more length and nice volume in the second coat.

A third coat gives a nice chunky lash, but you might want to stop at two if you don’t love the heavier look (see above).

I tested it for a full day and didn’t experience any smudging, transfer or flaking. It held in place really very well. Considering that you can pick this up for £ 7 right now, I think it’s really good value for money.

Where to buy AVON Legendary Lengths

The recommended price of this mascara is £ 9, however, you can currently order it for £ 7.

If you like mascara with more luxurious packaging, then you should check out the new YSL Lash Clash which is another great mascara.


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