CBD Body Oil and Bed Balm

CBD Body Oil and Bed Balm

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Dreem Distillery Review: Among the Stars CBD Body Oil & Bed Balm
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Dreem Distillery is a gorgeous brand created to bring you better, more restorative sleep. My favorites are the CBD Body Oil and the Bed Balm. Read about them here.

What is Dreem Distillery Among the Stars?

Dreem Distillery Among the Stars Sublime CBD Body Oil
Dreem Distillery Among the Stars Sublime CBD Body Oil
  • CBD Body Oil
  • Lightweight conditioning natural base oil infused with Dreem Distillery’s Dreem Complex
  • Uses a blend of aromatherapy oils, skin-absorbable CBD and calming botanicals
  • Includes an organic essential oil blend designed to induce sleep
  • 100mg CBD / 100ml
  • Vegan formulation
  • 100% natural 91% organic 100% natural fragrance
  • Free from parabens, mineral oils, polymers, sulphates, artificial colors & synthetic ingredients
  • Not tested on animals

Key Ingredients

Apricot Kernel Oil

CBD Distillate

Frankinsense Essential Oil

Howood Essential Oil

Jojoba Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

Petitgrain Essential Oil


Rosehip Oil

Sunflower Oil

Vitamin E

Yarrow Essential Oil



My Review

I am always interested in products that help promote sleep because sleeping is not my forte and getting a good night’s sleep is pretty much my holy grail.

What appeals to me about topical products is the skin’s ability to absorb nutrients more efficiently than via ingestion. I remember being so excited to learn that magnesium is better absorbed transdermally, via topical application, than being ingested.

I believe that this process is slightly different with CBD because when CBD is absorbed topically it doesn’t enter the bloodstream but instead connects with cannabinoid receptors through the skin pores.

Dreem Distillery use organically grown broad-spectrum CBD. Many brands use CBD isolate which does not contain some of the key relaxing terpenes (aromatic compounds), which are really important when it comes to tapping in to restful sleep. Dreem Distillery bolster up the broad spectrum CBD with a range of relaxing and skin softening ingredients.

What I really love about the Dreem Distillery Among the Stars oil is the whole application experience. It is a beautiful lightweight oil that smells absolutely amazing. It gives me that expensive fragrance vibe and is immediately therapeutic in that it seems to reduce anxiety and remove my worries about whether I am going to have a good night’s sleep or not. It is instantly relaxing.

The process of applying the oil and inhaling the scent lulls me into a lovely state of calm and I feel like the CBD is quickly absorbed and acts fast on my senses.

Mini Review of Dreem Distillery Bed Balm

Dreem Distillery Bed Balm
Dreem Distillery Bed Balm

This is another of my favorites from the brand and is a more targeted product for relieving pain and tension.

I use a small amount of this at night if I have any aches and pains. It is absolutely brilliant for melting away tightness and tension and it’s even great on my dodgy knee that can sometimes feel like I have pulled it.

I pop it on the area of ​​concern last thing at night, and when I wake up, the pain has either gone, or it is significantly improved. It’s a bit of a miracle worker.

My other favorite thing for sleep is the Marie Reynolds Zedz Sleep Supplements. Read my full review.

Where to buy it

Dreem Distillery sell their full range of products from their own site.


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