Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Beautiful Skin Foundation is ONLINE NOW

Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Beautiful Skin Foundation is ONLINE NOW

Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Beautiful Skin Foundation Review

Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte's Beautiful Skin Foundation
Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Beautiful Skin Foundation

I have been testing the new foundation and am currently working on my full review and before and after photos.

How does Beautiful Skin compare to Light Wonder?

Fans of Light Wonder will most likely enjoy the new Beautiful Skin foundation. It is more of a full bodied formula, slightly thicker in texture and fuller in coverage, but it gives a dewiness that LW also delivers.

What coverage does it give?

Charlotte’s Beautiful Skin gives a solid medium coverage that is easy to build up if you are looking for something a bit more on the full side.

I found Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin foundation to be really brilliant on redness. It covers it quickly in a very natural way, without masking.

  • Does it cover pigmentation?

Yes I find that one layer covers most of my pigmentation very well, and then you can dab on a little extra over an areas of deeper pigmentation for a bit more coverage.

The skincare ingredients within the formula also claim to work on reducing pigmentation over time.

  • Does it cover texture and pores?

I find the finish really flattering on texture and pores as it’s nice and plumping.

What Skin Type is Charlotte’s Beautiful Skin Foundation Good For?

I would say that this foundation will be good for dry, normal, combination and mature skin types

In terms of formulation, this foundation is full of skincare ingredients that work very very on dry skin types. I find it very moisturizing and hydrating, and it feels super comfortable on the skin.

  • Is it suitable for mature skin?

I think this formula is a great one for mature skin, as it contains lots of smoothing, plumping and hydrating ingredients, and gives a flattering glow.

  • Is it suitable for oily skin?

I am combination – dehydrated with a bit of an oily t-zone – and it works well for me. You may need a good setting powder if you are more on the oily side.

What is the finish like? Is it glowy or matte?

As you will see from the swatches above, there is a very soft shimmer running through the foundation to give it a good amount of glow. This is not something to be scared of, as it doesn’t translate on to the skin at all and instead gives a lovely flattering finish.

Yes, this formula will definitely please the beauty junkies that love a bit of glow. It makes skin look healthy and hydrated and not greasy-looking.

What skincare, anti-aging does Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Beautiful Skin Foundation have?

Yes the Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Beautiful Skin Foundation is formulated to be hydrating and contains Hyaluronic Acid as one of its key ingredients.

The formula contains ingredients designed to tackle a range of age-related concerns. There is Rose Complex for dullness, dryness, pigmentation and dark circles, and Hyalurosmooth for uneven texture, dryness and dullness.

What is the Longevity of Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Beautiful Skin Foundation

  • Does it last well on the skin?

It is formulated for 16 hour wear. I personally find it lasts most of the day and wears very naturally without patching. It lasts even better when powdered but I haven’t really been bothering with this as I haven’t been out that much.

It stays in place pretty well. There is some transfer on my masks when I have worn them, but this is pretty much standard even with more long-wearing formulas. Powdering will reduce this.

Does it have SPF?

There’s no mention of an SPF rating for this product.

Is it like CC cream? What foundations is it like?

As there is no mention of SPF, it’s hard to compare it to a CC cream, but it does resemble the IT Cosmetics CC cream in texture. I’d say that the coverage of the CT is more natural looking, and less full. The IT Cosmetics is very high coverage.

I would also liken it to the Estee Lauder Futurist foundation in texture and finish.

How to find the right shade of Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Beautiful Skin Foundation

I can use shade 3 or 4 in Light Wonder foundation. I have been using the shade 4 Warm in Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Beautiful Skin Foundation with a little bit of the light cool in the places I tend to conceal. If I had to choose one shade out of the ones I have, it would be 4 Warm.

I have since received some more shades and will update the swatches soon. My best match so far is 4 Neutral.

Charlotte Tilbury will be launching the Expert Foundation Founder when this product launches. But basically, I think you can take the same shade you use in Light Wonder.

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