Colorful eye shadow from the 80’s Makeup is Back – jane iredale

Colorful eye shadow from the 80’s Makeup is Back – jane iredale

It’s amazing how history repeats itself, and trends that go out of fashion one year always come back a decade or two later with renewed energy. That is the case with colorful eye makeup. As far back as the 1980s, many women walked the planet looking like tropical fish. The whole spectrum great eye makeupoften appeared for applying makeup for one eye with thick thick eyebrows, light fuchsia blush and flawless matte complexion; all crowned with a magnificent tower of teasing hair frozen with half a can of hairspray. When the 80s ended, many of us swore to say goodbye to them thebright 80s makeup once and for all. Of course, women in their 60s raised their over-drawn eyebrows in skepticism. They gave the same proclamation 20 years earlier.

80's makeup and 80's eye makeup trends

Today we see a very interesting rebirth of variegation eyeshadowwhich awakens unexpected fresh and youthful energy. The colors are not packaged as they were in the look of the eyeshadowThe 80s and finishes are more refined than ever before. Let’s take a look at this exciting revival of variegation 80sabout make up.

Blue eyeshadow and eye makeup

The Blues have recently returned to jewel-like tones like our Sapphire in ours Mystikol® eye pencil powder. These beautiful babies come in a variety of colors that offer fluid precision, but with the ability to smudge like a pencil. Like hybrids between shade and liner, they are great for laying as an eyeshadow base and then enhancing powder eyeshadows on top.

Another fun blue exists with us Blue Hour PurePressed® Trio Eyeshadows. This rich, intense dark blue eyeshadow it has a wonderful shimmering shine that makes it perfect for the center of the eyelid or as a pencil smeared along the lashes. It also includes a shimmery light silver color that can be used to brighten blue for even brighter!

Green Eyeshadow

Green evokes a sweet spring feeling in us Harmony PurePressed® Trio Eyeshadow containing three well-chosen greenshades that are perfect for shaping, beautifying and highlighting the eyes. Soft sea foam green eyeshadow it is perfect for giving eyes a radiant color without looking over the top.

Pink Eyeshadow

Don’t forget pink and berry fruits are very hot this season and ours Twilight PurePressed® Trio Eyeshadow is a phenomenal option. It includes a shimmery berry tone that stands out in two softer platinum and pink tones. This trio is a favorite to mix with ours Onyx Mystikol for soft smoky eyes.

Try colorful eyeshadow

Finally, for those of us who aren’t afraid to try something fun, ours Let’s Party Eyeshadow Set offers a full range of bright, intense colors from rich green and blue to bright pink berries for a colorful eye makeup look. Included in this kit is a generous pan of luminous highlighter that can be used to soften or contrast with other colors. This set is a must for our makeup artists and runway artists.

Tips for bright, colorful eye makeup over the rainbow

Here are some tips for using bright eye colors:

  1. Don’t be afraid to use opposite colors on the same eye. For example, a copper and gold eye looks beautiful with bright green or blue eyeshadow in its center, directly above the iris of the eye.
  1. When setting your colors, it’s okay to blend where they touch, but they don’t overlap so much that you neutralize one color with another. Remember that green neutralizes red, blue neutralizes orange, purple neutralizes gold and vice versa. Place the colors next to each other and just mix where they meet to soften the demarcation lines.
  1. When working on your application, do not apply all the colors at once and try to combine them at the end. Sometimes this can lead to a loss of control and eventually look muddy. Instead, apply each color as if it were the only color you will use. Blend completely, then apply the next color for the perfect look of colorful eyeshadows.
  1. Start from the outer corners of the eyes and gradually move inwards towards the nose. Your darkest colors usually look better on the outer eye, while light colors like highlighters look better on the inner eye. Your brightest or most saturated bright eyeshadows they look best in the middle of the eyelid directly above the iris of the eye.
  1. Lastly, don’t forget to tap the brush to get rid of the excess before you touch your eyes. This will help prevent the outbursts from ending up under your eyes.

Have fun with eye colors and remember that this is the only makeup. Try a few looks and wash them for exercise. I tag us on Instagram. We are glad you like our colorfull eyeshadow and we look forward to seeing your new look at eye color this year!

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