DIOR Backstage Face and Body Flash Perfector Concealer 22 Shades

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I am always excited when DIOR bring out a new concealer, because I love concealer and I love DIOR! Here’s the lowdown on DIOR Backstage Face and Body Flash Perfector Concealer. Such a long name! I have before and after photos and swatches for you.

There are 22 shades in total and I have 2 of them to show you.

These photos show just the concealer with no foundation. As you will see, you can blend this out over a bare face to get an all over coverage.

I used 1N under my eyes and the places I’d normally want to brighten.

And then I used 2N on the places where I just wanted to add coverage, as I used the concealer on bare skin.

My regular foundation shade in DIOR is 2N and if I was wearing foundation already, I’d just use the 1N.

If you want to set, DIOR recommend using their Backstage Powder-No-Powder (see my review).

My Review of DIOR Backstage Face and Body Flash Perfector Concealer

DIOR Backstage Face and Body Flash Perfector Concealer
DIOR Backstage Face and Body Flash Perfector Concealer

I got on really very well with this concealer I am pleased to report.

I love the fine brush applicator which makes the application very precise and delivers the product in light layers rather than dumping on too much in one go.

DIOR Backstage Face and Body Flash Perfector Concealer
DIOR Backstage Face and Body Flash Perfector Concealer

It is really easy to blend and I feel like it gives the skin a lovely airbrushed finish with a soft blurring and a lovely amount of luminosity. You need to blend fairly quickly though before it sets into place. Although leaving it for a few seconds before blending does enhance the coverage.

It has a very natural look on the skin which I love, and there’s no cakiness or dryness.

What is the texture like?

It has a lovely creamy yet light consistency that applies effortlessly to the skin. It blends into the skin really easily either with fingertips or a brush.

This concealer has a lighter texture than the Forever Skin Correct in my opinion. Forever Skin Correct is definitely thicker.

The DIOR Backstage Face and Body Flash Perfector Concealer spreads really nice, so a little goes a long way.

Is it hydrating / moisturizing?

I think this is a lightly hydrating formula, but if you are looking for a lot of moisturizing, it may not be for you. It isn’t drying at all, but it’s not the most hydrating.

Is it long lasting?

I do like how these wears and have found it lasts really well and stays looking smooth on my skin. However, I have heard some say that it can go a bit patchy as the days go on. This hasn’t been my experience at all.

It does fade in brightness a bit as the day goes on. I have been topping up with a tiny bit of more product during the day and that fixed the problem.

Can it be used as a lighter foundation for the summer?

I think if you wanted a lighter base, you can use this without foundation. When I did this, I used 2N where I wanted to cover and 1N where I wanted to highlight and brighten like a normal concealer. See before and after photos above.

Is it suitable for mature skin?

I have mature skin (I am 47) and really do enjoy this concealer. I think if you are particularly dry, you may need to prep with a more moisturizing base. Also, if you have darker circles, this may not be the one for you as it loses brightness as the days go on.

Some have said it settles into lines, however, I haven’t experienced this.

How do the shades compare to other DIOR base shades?

So I use 2N in pretty much all DIOR foundations, and 1N is the ideal concealer shade for me. So I’d suggest going a little bit lighter with DIOR Backstage Face and Body Flash Perfector Concealer.

How does it compare to DIOR Forever Concealer?

As I mentioned above, it has a thinner texture than the Forever concealer, although it is still creamy. I think the coverage is higher on the Backstage concealer.

Does it crease or settle into lines and wrinkles?

I have to say, I personally didn’t find that it creased noticeably. As I have already said, I have read reviews that state issues with creasing and patchiness but this hasn’t been my experience and I have tested it on quite a few consecutive days now.

If you set this, I think you will have really good results. If you don’t set it, it looks more radiant, which I prefer.

What is the coverage?

For me, this is a medium coverage concealer. It is nice and buildable and you can apply extra layers to increase coverage. To increase coverage, let it sit on the skin for a few moments before blending.

What skin type is it for?

I’d say this is good for most skin types, although if your skin is very dry, you may not love it.

Is it good for under eye?

I really like this under the eyes. It gives a really flawless look and has a nice smoothing effect. It has a nice natural yet radiant finish.

The slightly thinner texture makes it feel really weightless on that undereye area. I find it stays smooth and doesn’t settle into creases. Plus it is easy to top up when the brightness fades a little.

It’s a thumbs up for me. I’m a fan. If you have tried it, I’d love to know what you think.

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