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Eco Friendly Natural Skincare |  athletea Skincare
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If you are looking to strip back your skincare routine using eco friendly natural skincare with simple yet super effective products, then you should check out the Japanese brand Althetia Skincare. And if you ever struggle to sleep, their Phyto Sleeping Cream could be your best friend! Here’s what you need to know.

About Eco Friendly Natural Skincare brand athletia

Eco Friendly Natural Skincare |  athletia Phyto Sleeping Cream
Eco Friendly Natural Skincare | athletia Phyto Sleeping Cream

athletea Skincare is an environmentally conscious brand from Japan whose inspiration is from nature and the focus is on natural yet powerful ingredients.

The Principles

athletia is all about the concept of “energetic skin”And the principle of vitality. All the textures are designed to soothe the skin and the mind and use naturally uplifting scents that effortlessly promote self-care. The entire range is based on eco friendly natural skincare.

Eco-Friendly Sustainable Packaging

They use glass bottles made by dedicated craftspeople and work to reduce CO2 emissions. Some of the plastic bottles are partially made using sugar-cane-derived bio-polyethylene as part of the commitment to using eco-conscious materials.

Natural Origin Formulas Products

athletia uses a high proportion of natural origin ingredients and 90-100% of the fragrances used in the products are natural and botanical oils.

My favorite Eco Friendly Natural Skincare Products from athletia

I have been testing the simplest night-time skincare routine with the athletia Treatment Cleansing Oil and the Phyto Sleeping Cream. They are the amazing duo and perfect if you don’t want to spend hours getting ready for bed and want to get to sleep quickly.

Both products use the ATHLETIA Energetic Complex of Angelica Keiskei (Ashitaba) Leaf / Stem Extract, Perilla Ocymoides (Shiso) Leaf Extract, Rice Ferment Filtrate (Sake) and glycerin helps to strengthen and support skin.

As I said, I have been mainly testing out the Treatment Cleansing Oil and the Phyto Sleeping Cream. I have been using both of these together at night over the past month and absolutely love them.

athletea Treatment Cleansing Oil Review

Eco Friendly Natural Skincare |  athletea Treatment Cleansing Oil
Eco Friendly Natural Skincare | athletea Treatment Cleansing Oil

This cleansing oil hits the perfect balance in terms of texture because it’s rich and luxurious, yet light enough to emulsify easily and rinse clean away.

The formula melts on to skin and dissolves makeup (even waterproof) and impurities effortlessly whilst working to smooth and moisturize. The cleanser contains six natural botanical oils one of which is carrot oil which makes it the beautiful orange color. Apart from the color, Carrot Oil is amazing for stimulating cell growth and repairing damaged skin.

Eco Friendly Natural Skincare |  athletea Treatment Cleansing Oil
Eco Friendly Natural Skincare | athletea Treatment Cleansing Oil

The Treatment Cleansing Oil is infused with the ATHLETIA Energetic Complex which contains Shiso and Ashitaba leaf and stem extracts. This works to boost the production of type IV collagen, which is a major component of the basement membrane that provides cell and tissue support.

Ashitaba extract also promotes skin’s turnover and boosts the production of skin cells that compose the basement membrane. At the same time it amplifies the work of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is the energy-carrying molecule found in the cells of all living things and responsible for skin rejuvenation.

Orange Peel Oil helps to unclog pores while the combination of grapefruit, eucalyptus, lemon, juniper berry and cedarwood provides an uplifting yet mind soothing experience.

It really is a joy to use. You just shake it up and then smooth a couple of pumps over dry skin, massage it over the whole face. It rinses away really nicely with warm or cold water so it’s up to you whether you want to use a face cloth or not.

The formula is 92% natural origin content.

athleta Phyto Sleeping Cream Review

Eco Friendly Natural Skincare |  athletia Phyto Sleeping Cream
Eco Friendly Natural Skincare | athletia Phyto Sleeping Cream

I think this is my favorite athletic product. I absolutely love it. This is mainly because it really works on the connection between good sleep and skin health, and I have to say, my skin always looks so much better when I have slept well.

Also, it’s great if you really want to strip back your routine because you can use this straight after cleansing and then get to sleep!

The Phyto Sleeping Cream is a rich night cream packed full of plant-derived ingredients that is designed to deeply hydrate, strengthen and support the skin.

Eco Friendly Natural Skincare |  athletia Phyto Sleeping Cream
Eco Friendly Natural Skincare | athletia Phyto Sleeping Cream

It uses a blend of Geranium Robertianum Extract, Evening Primrose Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Grape Seed Oil, sugarcane derived Squalane and Olive Fruit Oil, along with the ATHLETIA Energetic Complex which has one of my favorite ingredients ever, glycerin, to further moisturize and strengthen and support the skin.

The texture is beautiful. I just take a small blob and then warm the formula between my palms before pressing it into my skin. Althletia recommend pressing and pushing the Phyto Sleeping Cream into the skin rather than rubbing to make the most of the ingredients.

I breathe in deeply as I am pressing the cream into my skin and the soft, lavender and cedarwood scent is deeply grounding and relaxing. It makes it so much easier to drift off to sleep and allow all the beautiful ingredients to do their work.

I wake up with soft, smooth, hydrated skin that looks rested and renewed. It’s fab. It also helps you to sleep with a clear conscience knowing that you’re using eco friendly natural skincare!

The ingredients are 98% natural origin content and glass of the jar is made of at least 90% internal cullet from glass manufacturing.

Top tip, the cream is also amazing for a nap too, which I discovered last weekend when I was feeling a bit restless and over tired.

The cream is £ 86 but you only need a small amount so the pot should last me at least three months. I’ve been using it for a month already and I have barely made a dent in it.

Where to buy athletics

The full range of athletia’s eco friendly natural skincare is available at athletia’s UK site and also at Selfridges.


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