Enzyme Balm & AHA / PHA Gel

Enzyme Balm & AHA / PHA Gel

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Trinny London Cleansers Review: Enzyme Balm & AHA / PHA Gel
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Cleansers are the first foray into the skincare for the Trinny London brand, and it’s a really good place to start. Good skincare is a bit of a waste of time if you haven’t cleaned your skin properly! There are two in the Trinny London Cleansers range – a balm cleanser and a gel cleanser. I have them both here to show you.

What are the Trinny London Cleansers?

Trinny London Cleansers Review: Enzyme Balm & AHA / PHA Gel
Trinny London Cleansers Review: Enzyme Balm & AHA / PHA Gel

So as I said, there are two different types in the Trinny London Cleansers collection, and the idea is that you need them both for your full double cleanse. However, they are available individually and you can decide how you want to run your cleanse!

Trinny London Be Your Best Enzyme Balm Cleanser Review

Trinny London Cleansers Review: Be Your Best Enzyme Balm
Trinny London Cleansers Review: Be Your Best Enzyme Balm

Key ingredients:

  • Jojoba oil, almond oil & natural glycolipids help to remove makeup, SPF and pollution
  • Pineapple enzyme gentle exfoliates to boost radiance
  • Almond, borage & linseed oils nourish and comforts skin
  • Prebiotic complex protects and balances the skin’s microbiome

I was super excited to try out this one because I love a balm cleanser and it generally tends to be my favorite way to remove makeup and grime.

Trinny London Cleansers Review: Be Your Best Enzyme Balm
Trinny London Cleansers Review: Be Your Best Enzyme Balm

The texture of this one is lovely. You apply it on dry skin and it has that oil-gel slippy feel that changes state as you manipulate it on the skin. As it warms up, it becomes a luxurious silky oil that melts off makeup and glides nicely over the skin. The aroma is really nice – it’s herby and fresh without being at all overwhelming.

The instructions say to use two pumps which I think is ample, however, if you like to be a bit more generous with your product, I’d say you’d be happier with three pumps.

You add water to emulsify, and the product information also indicates that the process of adding water activates to enzymes so they can get to work on dead skin cells.

I always like to add water and work the product into my skin a bit more before removing with a cloth, as I feel that this helps lift away more dirt and impurities.

The balm cleanser comes with one of Trinny’s muslin, named T-Towel, however, I have been using the flannels and cloths in my drawer as the T-Towels haven’t made it into my bathroom yet. I am not too fussy about what cloth I use to remove my cleanser.

The Trinny London Balm Cleanser rinses off cleanly and you could certainly leave it at that if you didn’t think you needed a double cleanse. It removes all my makeup, apart from when I was wearing a tubing mascara and that’s a whole other ball game! You need to slosh that off with just warm water before or after you have cleansed everywhere else.

I think this is a lovely balm cleanser and the packaging looks and feels lovely. If you have dry skin, this is probably the one you will like the most, although I have oily-combination skin and it works well for me too.

The packaging is great in a refillable twist up format that reveals the pump. Bright yellow is joyous, but it doesn’t really go that well in my pink bathroom. It would look great in a white bathroom I think. I love the fact that they are doing refills too.

Trinny London Better Off AHA / PHA Gel Cleanser Review

Trinny London Cleansers Review: Enzyme Balm & AHA / PHA Gel
Trinny London Cleansers Review: Enzyme Balm & AHA / PHA Gel

Key Ingredients:

  • Natural quillaja and oat amino acids cleanse the skin of makeup, SPF, dirt and pollution without stripping
  • Lactic acid and malic acid help to lift away dead skin cells and promote more even texture
  • Lactobionic acid gently exfoliates and hydrates
  • Natural inulin helps to feed and balance the microbiome

This one is a lovely gentle gel cleanser that doesn’t feel harsh or stripping on the skin. If you wanted to use two different cleansers, it’s the ideal second cleanse and you use it on wet skin so it’s an easy number two. You just need to make sure you avoid the eye area.

Trinny London Cleansers Review: Better Off AHA-PHA Gel
Trinny London Cleansers Review: Better Off AHA-PHA Gel

It has a creamy gel texture that creates a very soft creamy lather – nothing foamy. It doesn’t leave skin feeling tight or stripped, just clean, smooth and soft.

You need to avoid the eye area with this one, so I think it would make a great morning cleanse if you just wanted to choose one. It would also be great if you were more on the combination, oily side.

Which Trinny London Cleanser do you need?

I have touched on this as I have gone through, however, I think if you are looking for a double cleanse duo, both products will work well for pretty much all skin types. The balm isn’t heavy and rinses away cleanly, while the Gel isn’t stripping and doesn’t dry out the skin.

They both contain fragrance, so steer clear if you are very sensitive.

If you just want one of the cleansers, I’d say the balm is best for removing makeup and SPF, and possibly more suited to normal to dry skin. The AHA PHA Gel is a lighter cleanse and would be great if you’re not wearing makeup or you’re looking for a second cleanse with exfoliation.

I hope that helps! Shout if you have questions!

Where to buy the Trinny London Cleansers

Both cleansers are available now via the link below. Refills are available from 4th March.

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