La Mer The Lip Polish Review

La Mer The Lip Polish Review

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La Mer The Lip Polish
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I am a huge fan of the Lip Balm from La Mer, so when I found out that La Mer The Lip Polish was launching – a lip scrub, with a tool – I was very excited! Here’s the lowdown.

What is La Mer The Lip Polish?

La Mer The Lip Polish
La Mer The Lip Polish
  • Sensorial buffing balm
  • Gently smooths and retexturises the lips
  • Formulated with La Mer’s signature Miracle Broth
  • Uses a blend of sugar crystals, marine minerals and and sea-sourced exfoliants
  • Works to exfoliate, comfort and condition the lip surface
  • Comes with a dual-side wand that boosts microcirculation

Key Ingredients

La Mer’s renewing elixir formulated with hand harvested sea kelp and pure nutrients and minerals to nourish skin

A blend of multi-faceted sugar crystals and micro-refined marine minerals gently refine and renew lips, to tackle dryness, flakiness and uneven texture.

How to Use it

It is really easy to use, and really enjoyable too. You simply scoop out a little bit of the formula with the wand and then massage it in to the lips with the ridged side.

La Mer The Lip Polish
La Mer The Lip Polish

I just use little circular motions all across the lips, to gently buff away any dry bits and smooth the surface of the lips.

When you’re done, you just wipe it away and then apply lip balm. Easy (and tasty!).

My Review of La Mer The Lip Polish

La Mer The Lip Polish
La Mer The Lip Polish

I have used this a few times now, and I have to say, it is lovely. As a fan of La Mer’s lip balm, it has so many qualities in common in terms of taste and aroma, that it was very hard not to love it.

I think the little ridged tool is such a clever addition to the product because it works so well with the gritty texture of the scrub to really target the flakiness and dry patches.

It all feels really gentle and it has the lovely soft and sweet mintiness of the balm that I love. And it tastes amazing – I actually had to stop myself just licking it off!

After I wiped it away, my lips felt super smooth, soft and hydrated. I then applied a layer of La Mer The Lip Balm which is one of my all time faves (see Best Lip Balms for 2022) and my lips were extremely happy!

It’s hard to avoid the fact that £ 55 is pretty pricey for a lip scrub, however, it certainly delivers performance-wise, and if you’re a La Mer The Lip Balm fan, you’ll absolutely love it. I do.

The new lip scrub is £ 55 and available via the links below:


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