Mascara tips for loud and clean lashes

Mascara tips for loud and clean lashes

except mascara to increase eyelash volume

Mascara! did you know that mascarais the most commonly used makeup product? A survey conducted by Mintel showed that 64% of women wear mascara. It’s more than powder, blush OR concealer. So most women wear mascara.

Why is mascara key in your makeup routine? Most women wear mascara to make their eyes pop out. Even if you don’t wear eyeshadow, adding a little mascara to your lashes opens your eyes and makes them bigger.

What is it about mascara that we love and how to choose the right type? There are so many choices, maybe also many choices. But now we have the perfect mascara for everyone – the new BEYOND LASH volume mascara.

What makes this mascara so great? It is a 98% naturally derived formula with clean, healthy ingredients for the eyes and eyelashes. If you have sensitive eyes or wear contacts, this mascara fits perfectly.

The key ingredients of our pure mascara

bamboo mascara ingredient

Bamboo powder

  • A natural alternative to nylon fiber that helps add lengthi volume to eyelashes.

Basil root extract

  • An antioxidant that helps make lashes feel fuller and look healthier.
basil mascara ingredient

Rice bran wax

  • A vegan alternative to beeswax that helps provide a strong but flexible coating.
rice mascara ingredient

It is also important to understand what is not inside our healthymascara. As always, we strive for pure ingredients that work. We always formulate without parabens, phthalates, soot or Teflon (standard ingredients in traditional mascaras).

An hourglass-shaped wand is also a major innovation. It will wrap around the base of the lashes so you can get even, thicker, fuller lashes with just one coat. And no accumulation!

How to apply mascara

mascara application tips

Depending on your lashes (curly, straight, no volume) here are a few cool ones mascaratips and guidelines for application:

Top lash lines

Move the wand near the lid and press to create the illusion of an eye pencil! This will make your lashes look even fuller. This is known as the “stamping” technique.

Roll, Curl, Repeat

For more curled lashes, wrap the stick as you move from root to tip. Apply a second coat while the lashes are wet.

Every Last Lash

To coat lower and corner lashes that are difficult to cover, hold the wand upright, gently pressing into the lashes to coat each individual strand.

We want your lashes to wear the new Beyond Lash mascara! Tag @janeiredale with #GetLouderLashes. Be clean with us!

Just a little mascara of trivia. Mascara dates back to the ancient Egyptians as far back as 3400 BC. They used bone and ivory to make their applicators and mixed Kohl with crocodile dung (we know it wasn’t clean!), Water and honey. Both men and women wore mascara during this period. It was not until 1872 that Eugene Rimmel created the first packaged cosmetic mascara – Vaseline mixed with charcoal dust. (We’ve come a long way!)

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