NARS Light Reflecting Foundation Review

NARS Light Reflecting Foundation Review

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I got so excited when I found out that NARS was launching a new foundation, as part of their new collection, because I love so many of their existing complexion products. I have been testing the NARS Light Reflecting Foundation and have a full review for you with swatches of all the shades. Enjoy!

There are 36 shades in this new foundation. I managed to get small samples of each so that I could show you the swatches.

My Review

NARS Light Reflecting Foundation
NARS Light Reflecting Foundation
  • Beautiful dewy and hydrated finish
  • Comfortable and light on the skin
  • Easy to apply and blend
  • Instantly blurs and smooths the skin
  • Lightweight texture
  • Invisible on the skin
  • Doesn’t settle into my pores or fine lines

Now, because of the name, I kind of knew I was going to love the NARS Light Reflecting Foundation before I even tried it! I already really appreciate NARS ‘take on skin, so I was super excited to get involved with this new launch!

I wasn’t disappointed because the foundation really does give skin light. Yay!

What are the shades like?

I am pleased to report that I am shade Deauville, which is usually my favorite NARS shade all year round (Radiant Longwear). I should point out that I tend to only have one foundation shade as I never sunbathe, so my skin stays the same color.

I feel Deauville in the new formula is a tiny bit richer, however, the finish is so natural that I think the shades will be pretty flexible.

What skin type is it good for?

I have a combination skin and find it really good on my skin type. I have been testing it for a while and find that I can get away without powdering which is always good news for me.

I think this is probably perfect for dry or mature skin types. Oily skin types that don’t like too much glow may not love it as much.

Do you need to powder it?

I am a combination skin, as I said, and I have mainly been skipping powder. If I was expecting a super long day, I give it a light powder on the t-zone. I like to avoid powder for maximum dewiness.

If you are oily, you will probably want to set this with powder.

NARS Light Reflecting Foundation vs Sheer Glow

This has been a big question! For me, I find that Light Reflecting brings more of a light to your skin, almost like you’re sitting in front of sunlight, or even a ring light. Sheer Glow gives more of a traditional glow that looks a little more like makeup.

In my opinion, the new formula is a lot lighter in feel and texture and there is much more emphasis on skincare.

Is it easy to apply?

I have been using a buffing brush to apply NARS Light Reflecting Foundation and I find that it melts into my skin and blends out really easily.

What is the coverage like?

What I love about this foundation is that it keeps your skin looking just like skin, yet it is amazing for covering redness and blurring out pores, fine lines and imperfections.

It’s a medium coverage foundation, and is totally buildable without ever getting cakey. I can use one pump for my whole face, and then I just add a touch more to go over where I have extra redness and pigmentation.

It completely covers redness and has a lovely fading effect on pigmentation, making my complexion more unified.

What is the finish like?

I absolutely love the light that this brings to my skin. It has the most amazing glossiness, that isn’t greasy or oily, but beautifully dewy and juicy. It is really brightening, and I have skipped concealer on a few days when I haven’t been doing much.

All in all, this is my kind of foundation, and if you love makeup with skincare, and a juicy dewy finish, I think you could love it too.

I decided to go with Deauville, which tends to be my favorite shade in NARS foundations.

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