New year, new skin care ritual

New year, new skin care ritual

New Year's skin care ritual

Incredibly, it’s the time of year again! New year, new you, new commercials for weight loss companies, new wellness routines that are impossible to follow … If you are something like me, you want to use the new year to refresh your routine while being realistic; I in fact I want to stick to my New Year’s resolutions! So, I’ve added a few steps to my beauty routine list to elevate my wellness and skin care rituals without stepping too far out of my comfort zone.

Wear sunscreen every day

It’s something I’m sure you’ve heard of, just like me, but it’s really important to wear sunscreen every day, even in winter. As Jane always says, sunscreen is the most powerful anti-aging routine you can practice! Luckily for me (and hopefully you too!) Most of our powders contain SPF, so it won’t be hard to incorporate this step into your skincare ritual in the new year. I will just mix my Dream Tint toned moisturizer and add a little PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation and I can check this resolution from my list.

Drink more water

It’s great for me to drink water during the week, but the weekend comes and I inexplicably become a camel who drinks two cups of water a day and doesn’t understand why her lips are cracked! To drink more water on the weekends, I buy myself a new reusable bottle of water and keep it with me. After all, I carry my phone with me from room to room, why not add a bottle of water to the mix? Hydration from the inside is the most basic part of any dry skin care routine.

Clean makeup brushes

I clean my makeup brushes SO bad. I know I have to follow them once a week, but I usually do it once a quarter, which is disgusting, I know. So, starting from the new year, I will watch TV on Sunday afternoon as a perfect opportunity to wash my makeup brushes. Whether you prefer to wash them in a soap dish or in the bathroom sink, playing your favorite show makes the process more enjoyable. Plus, your skin will thank you!

Add supplements to your routine

I am lucky to work for a company that sells the supplements I am looking for: skin-focused, environmentally friendly and easy to take. Advanced Nutrition Care (ANP) skin care supplements are formulated with skin in mind, sustainable ingredients and packaged in recyclable canisters. I tried to take my skin care supplements in the morning, but I’m not an early riser and I keep forgetting to take them. In the new year, I switch to a nightly routine of supplements by taking them after dinner. I will try to take out the capsules while I sit down for dinner and put them next to the plate, not to forget.

I hope that your new year has started well and that you will include some of these decisions in your beauty and skin care routine. I will definitely do my best to live a little healthier with these resolutions that are easy to incorporate.

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