Saturday Surfing, August 13, 2022!

Saturday Surfing, August 13, 2022!

Good morning, beautiful! Happy, happy Saturday. Getting a slow start this morning because this week was A LOT, and I’m officially tapped out. Connor was home with me all week long, so between writing snappy headlines and marketing campaign briefs, I was playing with her.

Her favorite things to do at the moment are drawing on the street with chalk and playing a game she calls “wild children.” How does one play “wild children?” Well, thank you for asking. It involves some combination of running around the grassy area in our circle without shoes, looking for four-leaf clovers, gathering sticks, not falling into a dangerous imaginary river and occasionally pretending to free the neighbor’s parrot from jail. In all these scenarios, I’m always the little sister, who also happens to be a toddler. *shrugs*

Don’t ask me why this requires so much mental and physical energy! Let’s just say you’ve crossed a bridge when you need to drink lots of coffee in order to keep up with a six-year-old child, LOL!

On one hand, I’m so tired, but on the other hand, I’m enjoying this time with her.

I know that soon enough the scenario will be so different, and I’ll be drinking coffee to stay awake while I wait up for her to come home for curfew.

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