Saturday Surfing, August 20, 2022!

Saturday Surfing, August 20, 2022!

Hi there! Happy Saturday. How’s your day going so far? Good, I hope.

Check this out — last night’s dinner. Nothing fancy, just spaghetti with red sauce and parmesan cheese because by the time I get to Friday I’m too tired to cook anything complicated. My neighbor gave me some fresh basil, so I couldn’t resist making a vat of pasta.

This brings me to the pic at the top. Anyone else out there need to change their shirt before eating anything with red sauce? I have a janky UC Davis tee, complete with frayed edges and holes in the armpits, which I wear only when I’m eating spaghetti. LOL!

I can’t be the only person who cannot be trusted to eat tomato-based meals with a white shirt on.

Anywho, ’twas an exciting week on this end. Not only did Connor start first grade, she also lost her first tooth.

This one was a cool customer and didn’t freak out at all. She told me, “I took a bite of my lunch, my tooth got stuck in my food, and it twisted right out. No big deal.”

Does anyone know the going rate for a tooth from the tooth fairy?

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