Saturday Surfing, February 5, 2022!

Saturday Surfing, February 5, 2022!

Saturday Surfing, February 5, 2022!

Good morning, and happy Caturday! I woke up this morning with Rosie-pose curled up next to my head, like a torbie-style beret. Have you ever had a cat sleep on (or next to) your head? It’s weird and wonderful.

My day off yesterday was glorious, and today I feel the most relaxed and rested I’ve felt in really long time! Most weekends, I wake up with this intense weight of everything I need to get done on those two precious days off, but this morning, my heart and soul felt light.

Note to self: remember how good this feels, and in the future, be more intentional about taking breaks!

This week’s reading

  • Kosas’s Revealer Foundation is supposed to be pretty good.
  • Everything you need to know about donating your hair.
  • Coty is making perfume with carbon-captured ethanol.
  • Allegedly yellow nail polish helps you feel good.
  • Oh, and speaking of the color yellow, here’s how yellow affects your state of mind.
  • Do your cats sleep with you at night?
  • 9 things you don’t know about your cat’s teeth.

Someone make this for me, please!

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