Saturday Surfing, July 2, 2022!

Have a sweet and sunny Saturday!

Well, hey there, friend. Happy Saturday to you! Look what I found at Cost Plus a few weeks ago. Did you ever have this candy when you were a kid? I used to eat it all the time. We’d ride our bikes down to what all the neighborhood kids called “The Chinese Store” in the old part of town, park our wheels in the front (without having to lock them up!), and we’d go inside to buy Popsicles, Lemonheads and Boton Rice Candy. Gotta love those summertime core memories!

What would you and the kid crew on your street do back in the day during the summer?

This week’s reading

  • If I lived in New York, I’d stop by this art-meets-scent exhibition called “Religious Vegetables,” which pushes the boundaries of perfume.
  • Here’s a breakdown of the different levels of perfume, from eau de cologne to pure perfume.
  • Take a trip down memory lane with these old school Bath & Body Works scents. Juniper Breeze, anyone?

  • Put Henry Jacques on your fragrance bucket list for the next time you visit Paris, ooh la la!

  • Dermatologists recommend these products for acne-prone skin. Side note: my chin and I are listening.

  • If you have a Costco membership, FYI, there are a few Cetaphil workhorses currently on sale.

  • 5 quick and easy hair changes that instantly transform your look.

  • Despite being buried for over 30,000 years, a baby mammoth found in Canada’s Yukon territory still had hair, skin and tusks intact.

  • Thermochromic hair dye is a temporary hair color product that changes hue with even a subtle shift in temperature.

  • According to the pros, these are the 15 best hair growth products.

I was really hoping he’d do “Yeah!”


OK, doesn’t Chili age? Where is her fountain of youth?

This looks like good fun.

Love this song!

Another old fave from back in the day.

Have a great rest of your weekend. I’ll be spending mine cleaning and organizing the house! I also have to stop by Macy’s to look at furniture.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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