Selfridges Ultimate Mask Collection Worth £ 110 back for 2022

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Selfridges Ultimate Mask Collection
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Priced at £ 60

Worth £ 110

I have some great news !! The Selfridges Ultimate Mask Collection is back for the fourth time and it looks absolutely amazing !! Just look at it! The good news is, it just launched online.

Selfridges Ultimate Mask Collection
Selfridges Ultimate Mask Collection

If you are obsessed with sheet masks like I am, I know what the sight of this library will do for you !! It looks amazing, doesn’t it ?! Not only is it stuffed with 16 amazing sheet masks for both face and body, but imagine how perfect it is for refilling it with your own mask stash!

Get it before it’s gone!

WARNING: this sold out in a day or two last year !! It is £ 60 but worth £ 110.

Like the previous editions, it’s multi-brand, which is really cool I think. Usually when you have a mask collection, they are all from the same brand, so this means it’s such a great opportunity for discovery.

What’s in the Selfridges Ultimate Mask Collection 2022?

Selfridges Ultimate Mask Collection
Selfridges Ultimate Mask Collection

So there are 17 sheet masks in this lovely library and they include:

  • Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask
  • Dr.Jart Ceramidin Facial Barrier Mask 22g
  • Leaders Coconut Bio with Orange mask 30ml
  • Pixi Vitamin C sheet mask 30ml
  • Sarah Chapman Skinesis 3D Moisture Infusion Mask 25ml
  • Seoulista Gold Glow Instant Facial Mask
  • Patchology Serve Chilled Rosé sheet 28ml
  • Starksin Eye Catcher ™ Smoothing Coconut Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Eye mask
  • Erborian Ginseng Shot mask 15g
  • Light Salon Boost Hydrogel Decolletage mask 12g
  • Miin I Love Myself mask 25g
  • Berrisom Soda Bubble mask 22g
  • My Sweet Dreams 25g
  • 111SKIN Sub Zero De-Puffing Energy mask 23ml
  • Spacemasks Jasmine single mask

This is such an excellent collection with lots of my favorites and also there are actually quite a few I haven’t tried, which is super exciting.

Also, the packaging is major. If you’re a sheet mask addict, you’ll have spent time thinking about cute ways to store your collection of masks, and this is perfect !! It’s like the rolodex of perfect skin! How exciting!

How much is the Mask Library and when does it launch?

The good news is that this set offers a value saving. The cost of the Selfridges Ultimate Mask Collection is £ 60, however, the contents are worth £ 110. You basically get tons of free masks !!

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