Silky-Voiced Anthem by Marcus Lane

Silky-Voiced Anthem by Marcus Lane

Marcus Lane

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., March 10, 2022 – Marcus is an artist with an entrepreneurial spirit, and he explores his rapping skills in his previous song. Originally Marcus had taken the song off music platforms as he wanted to understand more about the industry before releasing any music. However, fortunately he will be back on all platforms March 23, 2022!

Marcus Lane has always had a magical voice and natural magnetism, which can’t help but win people over. On his single “Going on a date,” he coaches women to be confident before going out on their first date with a man. The concept behind this song is about helping them feel comfortable in themself and look perfect for the man by putting make up on, getting dressed, through his slinky beats that set the mood perfectly with his silky voice. Marcus’ personality only increases his effect and becomes apparent that he puts himself into professional mode when producing good music than other artist around today can do, with the help of all the lessons and legacies he learnt from legends of hip-hop! His original sound with a touch of freshness is enough to achieve a successful career in music. Marcus’ talent cannot go unnoticed!

Marcus will be back on all platforms March 23, 2022! His music is one you would always love to listen to, give it a trial!

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