Six Years Old – Makeup and Beauty Blog

Six Years Old – Makeup and Beauty Blog

Happy birthday, little one!

This Coywolf turned six today! What a trip it is to help guide a little person through their early years. Every day is really an adventure.

Right now she loves dancing (and will probably join the dance team at her studio next year) and anything and everything related to animals. Her favorite school activities are art, PE and STEM lab. And when it’s playtime, she loves building with Legos and playing with her stuffies and dolls.

Last night I prepped her annual birthday lasagna!

She gets one every year, and I bake it in her special birthday pan. It’s our fun family tradition – because nothing says I love you like cheese and carbs, LOL!

Connor’s birthday lasagna pan

Oh, and she truly is her father’s daughter, because when she came to picking out a cake, she specifically requested chocolate.

We’ll be throwing a birthday party with her friends at her dance studio on Saturday, which should be fun! It’s her first real birthday party with a bunch of kids, and so she’s excited. I’ve been super busy doing prep for everything… I swear, none of these kids will probably care about the details, but it’s important to me that she has a good time, so when this memory tucks itself deep into her mind, she ‘ ll remember how much fun she had and how loved she felt.

If it’s your birthday today, too, then happy birthday! Yay for March babies.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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