Wedding day makeup tips and products I would recommend – Anna Edit

Wedding day makeup tips and products I would recommend – Anna Edit

… Because the season of the last wedding is ahead of us.

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After a long old break, the wedding season seems to be ahead of us and isn’t that nice? There is nothing better than seeing your friend or family member literally chirping with happiness – WILL SOMEONE COME TO MY STAMPS, PLEASE ?! Although I have been talking about beauty on my little corner of the internet for over 10 years, I am by no means a makeup professional, although my dear friends seem to think I am up to the job of a MUA wedding, which is extremely flattering, but by no means true. MUAs – we bow! However, if it’s the shiny base and bronze eye you’re looking for, then I can stretch on it (as long as you’re putting on your own mascara, lol). I have gathered a total of four brides over the years, and five if you include me – which a professional could probably solve in one weekend! – however, I feel there are a few tips and tricks I picked up along the way. Feel free to add your recommendations below in the comments!


Do it, bu! This would be my biggest advice – don’t give in to the pressure of feeling you have to wear false eyelashes if it’s something you don’t feel comfortable in, or wear powder when you’re actually horrible to wear, or wear bold lips because your partner tells you to – wear everything you feel great in makeup. It’s a big day no a day when you’ll discover something new or trendy that you haven’t done before (unless, of course, you don’t want to!). You’ll want to look back and feel like you looked like ‘you‘and one of the best ways to do that is to take the makeup you usually wear, polish it a bit and make it super long lasting. Easy peasy.

Look at your budget. The way you approach the makeup aspect of your wedding will depend on your budget as well as how you want your day to be shaped. To hire a professional MUA, look at three-digit spending – though keep in mind that supplementing your own makeup collection with a few top accessories would cost the same! – and it’s a good way to get rid of stress. Plus, you’ll have professionals to touch and look AMAZING. I would recommend that you try to find a personal recommendation from friends and family and do a trial beforehand so that everyone is on the same page. Maybe you have a friend who is pretty good with a makeup brush and who would love to beautify you – again, rehearsing before is always a good idea. Or maybe you would want to do it yourself? For inspiration I would recommend you to watch these videos Lisa Eldridge, Charlotte Tilbury i Monica Blunder. Take a look around and take all your favorite parts from the videos and tutorials you find. The big advantage of this is that it’s free – you may just have to pick up a few extra products – and you can try and tweak your look until you’re happy with it and you can do it with your eyes closed for the day.

It takes time. Of course, it depends on the levels of glamor you want, but even a natural atmosphere without makeup can take more than 30 minutes to an hour to apply. Once you add up all the chatting, drinking mimosa, and directing people in the right direction that you’re going to try to do at the same time, it can take a little longer than you’d expect. My advice would be to consider enough time for hair and makeup. It is better to relax from everything that has been done and to have a good time with your loved ones, than to rush through the door without time to take photos.


Be well hydrated. Chances are you will wear at least a then more makeup on your wedding day than usual, so it’s important to give yourself a nice and juicy foundation on which to put everything on top. It will depend on your skin type, but if you are more on the oily side, I would recommend it La Roche Posay Effaclar H Moisturizing Moisturizing Cream*, for skin that is quite balanced, I like it Kiehl’s Ultra Face Cream *then for those who need something richer Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich* or Allies of skin peptides and antioxidants that strengthen daily treatment* are good bets. Don’t skip it, it will be much harder to blend your base without it.

Proven base. There are a few things to keep in mind here. Go for a powder / concealer combination that has been tried and tested – whether you have worn it as part of a rehearsal or it is something you wear more often. If you plan to get a little false glow during the day, try your shade beforehand. And try not to be too bright with concealer – a formula that is a shade or two lighter than your powder is all you need. Maybe it’s best for you to work with two concealers, maybe even in two different formulas? A slightly lighter, creamier formula for the under-eye area and a shade that matches your powder in a firmer finish that works well to cover up any blemishes that might appear. I always love Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation* – I wore it on my wedding day! But last weekend I used the bride’s shade Fenty Eaze Drops* and it worked great just to even things out and stay fresh. For dark circles, I really like it KOSAS Revealer concealer* – it’s so creamy, but at the same time it covers, then you can’t win for the face NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer*.

Think powder. You all know I’m not the biggest fan of powder in the world. I used to glue it completely, using it similarly to powder, but these days I can count how many times a year I wear it on one hand. I wore it last weekend and it turned out to be – powder is kind of fantastic. My makeup still looked in place after 4pm. MADNESS. There is only one condition – use it sparingly. I’ve always loved it MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural*, but if you’re looking to shake off translucent powder I’m always coming back to Laura Mercier Transparent Loose Powder* i Terry Hyaluronic Setting Powder* – both work on all skin tones and are applied in the most natural way. I would recommend pairing it with a fixative spray at the end of your routine for superior setting power – nothing better than Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray* for me.

Cheeks are personal taste. Don’t feel like you to have to create a classic contour, bronzer, blush and highlight combination on the cheeks. My friend whose makeup I did in May adored blush and bronzer, but it wasn’t a classic contour so we skipped it all together. My friend whose makeup I did last weekend hates bronzer, so we gave up on that step and added blush and highlight, in which she feels best. Basically, do what makes you feel great in you, and if someone else is making you up – let it be in your preferences. Still, I have recommendations for every step. For contours I love Kevin Aucoin The Sculpting Powder*. As for the bronzer, I’m really in love with the new one Victoria Beckham Mat Bronzing Brick shades; plus points for the fact that they are glitter-free so you can adjust it up or down with highlighting, when we used CHANEL Essential balm in sculpture* (ad – donated), to both brides and is simply stunning. They both looked magnificently great until the end of the night. And finally for the blush I adore the cream. They’re just beautiful and transparent and buildy and don’t look too ‘done’ – I like it Beauty Pie Supercheek cream blush* formula, or Fenty Cheeks Out Freestyle creamy blush*.


Add * some * definition. You may not be an everyday eyeshadow user, but a little definition around the eyes is a nice addition to bridal makeup if you like it. A quick and easy option is to use your bronzer as a color for the entire lid, and then just smear a slightly deeper shade over the lash line for a soft eye pencil look. In fact, I like a smudged top lash line instead of a liquid pencil and most of my friends whose makeup I did feel the same way – it looks glamorous without looking too much, you know? For my newest bride we used Victoria Beckham Smokey Eye Brick in Silk* and created a golden glittery look that looked amazing with her blue eyes, but I would say Vieve Essentials eye palette* is a good point to start from and has some matte and shimmery to start with. I use Charlotte Tilbury enchants the eyes in amber gold* on my wedding day, and I would use it today – such a beautiful shade.

On a false eyelash or not on a false eyelash? If there’s one thing I’d change about wedding makeup now, it’s that I probably wouldn’t go for eyelash extensions. The whole thing is going on againdo it, bu‘philosophy and I’m not sure it looks like that most naturally. I cried a lot though and that meant I didn’t have to worry about my mascara smearing, so I don’t know. Personally, I would avoid eyelash strippers for the big day, just because it’s something I haven’t worn in years and can look a bit heavy again. The Sweed x Nikki Wolf No Lash Lash* can be a good option if you want to slightly strengthen the lash line (see Allanin video how best to apply them), but you still want your lashes to look fluttery. But if you’re looking for a waterproof mascara formula, can I point you in the right direction Lancome Moniseur Big waterproof mascara* if you are looking for volume or Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Wet Waterproof Mascara* if you like something more natural.

Long lasting lip. Whenever I put on makeup to a friend, I always used one of their favorite lip colors. It’s such a personal thing – some people like matte, or gloss, or balm, something cooler, something warm and bright – you have to love to. So I always ask them what their favorite product is and we just use it. If you’re a little confused, I have a few tips. Something that is soft is wonderful and comfortable, but it could be a little suffocated by all that kissing. A good compromise is to prepare your lips with a balm, and then apply a lip pencil – that way you will get something that is soft on the lips, but has a bit of consistency. The Charlotte Tilbury Lip Pencil* do this really well.


Photos by the author Amy O’Boyle

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